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TomeeK organises “mock 11+” style entrance tests for children who will be moving on to Year 7 in September 2014 or 2015. The tests are only suitable for children who are between the ages of Ten to eleven; those born between the 1st September 2002/2003 and the 31st August 2003/2004. (The tests are open to but not suitable for younger children) The tests will be of the general 11 plus standard and carried out in a simulated test environment. This allows children who may be about to sit this kind of test at any selective school the experience of sitting a test in a test environment without pressure. These tests are similar to those that can be purchased from High Street bookstores however candidates will have the opportunity to take the tests under proper exam conditions.

Each candidate will be allocated a candidate number for their tests so that the tests can be administered anonymously, using only the candidate number. Also no administrative records will be kept after the event. The tests will cover Maths, Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning and English.

The tests are open to both boys and girls and places are offered on a first come first served basis at a cost of £25 per candidate. If you would like your child to take the mock test, please download and complete an
application form and return it with TWO Stamped Self Addressed Envelopes and your payment (a cheque made payable to TomeeK).

Results will be issued by candidate number within 7 to 14 working days of each test date and they will indicate those who achieve the general standard for a pass.

Please be advised that passing this test will have no influence on whether your child achieves a place at any selective school.
There is no connection between these tests and those of any of the local grammar or selective schools in Sutton, Kingston, Croydon or any other borough.

Online tests are also available to enhance your child's practice. Please click HERE to find out.
If you have any queries about these tests, please look at the Frequently Asked Questions.

Any other queries regarding any aspect of the tests will be handled by email in the first instance; however the aim is to make the process as straightforward as possible, thereby eliminating the need for lots of queries.

Please direct any other queries to

Sometimes important information regarding test dates is posted on the site. If this is the case you will be able to click here