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About Us

       Tomeek is a Business and Training Consultancy which specialises in harnessing

       and developing thepotentialofyourbusiness through the innovative use of


       We also specialize in a range of educational services.

       So whether you are looking to:


  • To have a presence on the World Wide Web


  • Educational services


  • Training


  • Business Consultancy 


In today's climate harnessing the power of the World Wide Web is a key feature of getting any organisation moving in the right direction. As well as greatly enhancing day to day business operations, a presence on the web will cultivates future success.


      Contact us now to see what we can do for you.

Company history:
Based  on the outskirts of Southwest London, we are a friendly company who can tailor your needs to a  range of services. We  specialize in taking the stress out of the preparations for the eleven plus exam. Pupils can take practice tests in relaxed and comfortable environments and build up their confidence for the actual tests.


Customer testimonials:
 'It's good that the children get to do a variety of papers...'
' I am happy my child could take the practice test...'