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Test Selection

Welcome to the range of tests we have on offer that aim to boost your child’s confidence and their knowledge of the structure and format of the Eleven Plus Test. Please note that these test can be beneficial for your child even if they are not preparing to take the Eleven Plus exam as the Math and English questions test a range of skills  that are key to their progress from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 3.

The tests are suitable for children aged Ten years and above. Younger children may struggle with some of the concepts that the tests aim to assess.

We hope you enjoy taking the tests and aim to take as many as you can in order to build upon those key concepts. Please make your selection by clicking on one of the buttons below.

Click on the buttons to select the test you want.  

The English test is made up of multiple choice questions. The first few questions are linked to a comprehension passage at the start of the test and the other questions are about various aspects of English Grammar.

The Mathematics test is made up of multiple choice questions. Maths tests cover a variety of concepts to show how effectively a child can understand and manipulate numbers.



The Verbal Reasoning test is made up of multiple choice questions. While some of the question types simply test a child’s logical deduction skills or their ability to decipher codes, much of an 11+ verbal reasoning tests for good vocabulary and also strong basic maths skills.


The Non Verbal Reasoning test is made up of multiple choice questions. Categories of question include 'odd one out', 'which comes next' , 'similar shapes' and many more.